Punk-Voodoo Beer Pack

Punk-Voodoo Beer Pack
Punk-Voodoo Beer Pack
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The Beer Pack includes:

  • 6 Punk IPA (0.33 L can)
  • 6 Voodoo IPA (0.33 L can)

The iconic beer of European Craft Brewing, Punk IPA turned 15!
Can you believe it?

The Scottish brewery stepped on the path (as one of the FIRST in Europe...) of leaving behind the known and boring big-scale lager beers and turning to the flavourful, aromatic specialty beers 15 years ago to kickflip the market ruled by the big 'uns. And although the recipe was honed many times since, Punk IPA still has its pedestal among the other historic craft beers in the world.

Try out yourself and try it with our flagship Voodoo IPA - believe us, it's the next best thing!

And for the 15th birthday, you can order it 15% off!

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