Brothers Serve Experience

FIRST Craft Beer was founded in 2016 by Gary & Daniel Kurucz, in Budapest. They reinvented an old paper factory into a modern, cool and truly 21th century brewery and its attached Taproom. They've been working in the entertainment- and music area, where they passionately served ever new and unforgettable experiences to their guests. After years of organizing beer festivals and traveling the world to learn the most about the world of craft beers, they realized: this is the time to bring the Taproom vibes to Budapest - and show that beer drinking can be a true experience in itself.


We at FIRST are on a mission to brew exceptional, vibrant, flavourful beers with attention to detail without compromise. We're focused on modern styles, cutting-edge beers, sometimes we even brew something we can't really categorize. Learn, innovate every day and show people that beer can be different then what they're used to. We want Hungarians to forget about low quality, no taste, post-socialist lagers.

Budapest lifestyle

We're making a change in the Budapest beer scene by building a community to share these wonderful moments of experiencing new tastes and brews.

We love the city of Budapest, the buzz and the great local culture. We wanted to be part of it even more, so we opened the first Taproom , then the first brewery-owned craft beer bar in downtown with amazing food and atmosphere. Using local ingredients and helping the community develop always has been one of our most important goals, while still organizing the newest craft beer festivals and developing the assortment of all craft bars in Budapest.

Experience & Education

As it's one of the cornerstones of our mission, we opened our taproom to all who are interested in with what passion, love and commitment we are brewing and offering the opportunity to taste all the freshest beers. Although our focus was for long on Budapest, being the local brewery, we're more than happy to present our beers to the international community.

In our last 6 yeasr we have proven ourselves in the Hungarian and international stage: we collected almost 30 different recognition of value, including US and German competitions. The goal is shared with other breweries: to put Budapest on the map of great craft beers. 

FIRST Taproom & Terrace

Our Taproom connects directly to our brewery, and is a special tasting room with 10 taps, offering a scenery into the brewhouse, the fermentation chamber and the canning line. Be a friendly catching-up, a beer tasting or a birthday party, the FIRST team awaits you with love and will to bring you closer to the tasty and aromatic world of craft beers.

Information, table reservation: +36 70 672 0985


FIRST Local Craft Beer & Kitchen
Madách Square 3.

Opening on the spring of 2019, the show kitchen of FIRST Local puts the meals using local, farm-to-table ingredients on a pedestal, while also leaving the space for classic  streetfood. And to pair these unique meals are the quality craft beer tapped from 32 different taps. In this giant spectrum of beers, all can find their favourite.

In its central locality, 150-people-wide reception area, separate pub and spacios terrace, Local is an ideal point of rendezvous every day!

Information, table reservation: +36 70 801 0324

FIRST Craft Beer & BBQ Dob utca 3.

On 20 taps we have the best craft beers, BBQ food and show kitchen of the world (probably)!

After a short detour, we reopened BBQ in late 2021, offering its famous BBQ specialities, nachos and the freshest Hungarian and international craft beers! The vibe, the hustle, the bustle is at max - so it's more than recommended to reserve a table if you'd visit and have an unforgettable dinner!

Information and table reservation: +36 30 528 5208